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Hawa Bamboo Prefinished Carbonized Vertical 36.25in Grade A Matte Quote

$3.40 per sq. ft. for Hawa Bamboo Prefinished Carbonized Vertical 3-5/8in x 5/8in x 36-1/4in 21.9 sf/bx Grade A MatteHome and Garden, Construction, Flooring, Bamboo

Price: $4.6 $3.4 USD / SQFT

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Hawa Bamboo Prefinished Carbonized Vertical 36.25in Grade A Matte Reviews

We have been looking

We have been looking for rellay simple blinds for a while kind of like the reed ones you get at IKEA. They are intended for our office space which gets full sunshine during the day making it impossible to read off your screen and heats up if there is no dimming. We wanted an affordable price, easy installation and didnt want it super dark during the day. The reed versions we got previously were just too transparent' when it was dark and the lights on.These are a perfect in between, not too dark during the day when you still want some sunshine peeping through, but also private enough you don't feel like everyone can read the text off your tee shirt at night. The only downsides I would say (which I kinda expected): 1. When installed the metal pulleys are showing toward the room which is not so pretty; 2. The ropes are a little longer than I think are needed but there are little hooks delivered with them that you can screw in next to the blinds that allow for quick roll up so they don't get tangled; 3. The screws they give you for affixing the blinds themselves are little cumbersome but regular half inch screws I had lying around made it work; 4. I would not recommend them for a bedroom window outlines are still visible. For an office or guest suite they should be ok.All in all though a resounding five stars for that little ounce more privacy, unbeatable value for money, easy installation, and pretty coloring. For this price, they are a steal I went ahead after purchasing two 24 and bought another matching 36 to go with. The supplier delivered them all, no shipping costs, almost next day (even though it was standard delivery) great product and great service from the supplier. by Olga posted on Friday, October 09, 2015
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