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Hawa Bamboo Prefinished Carbonized Horizontal 36.25in Grade A Matte Quote

$3.40 per sq. ft. for Hawa Bamboo Prefinished Carbonized Horizontal 3-5/8in x 5/8in x 36-1/4in 21.9 sf/bx Grade A MatteHome and Garden, Construction, Flooring, Bamboo

Price: $4.6 $3.4 USD / SQFT

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Hawa Bamboo Prefinished Carbonized Horizontal 36.25in Grade A Matte Reviews

For cleaning the Bru

For cleaning the Bruce Hardwood/Laminate clneaer is great. If you use something else, just don't use anything with soap in it. No Murphy's , Lysol, Pinesol, or anything like that. Soapy clneaers can leave a film that is almost impossible to remove.Engineered wood can be sanded and refinished about 1 time over its life and there are click versions that install as a floating floor (like laminate) which make them a great DIY project. You get the hardwood for less money and work.As far as the scratches go the shinier the finish the more scratches will show so opt for a more matte finish if it is a concern. And Barb N, you are right on that the pre-finished will hold up longer because the finish on them is stronger than any polyurethane you can buy and put on yourself. by Iskandar posted on Friday, October 09, 2015
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