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Blowouts Bamboo Flooring

Blowout Bamboo has been manufacturing genuine bamboo floors for many years. They are a recognized name in the flooring industry when it comes to Bamboo. You can purchase all kinds of Blowouts bamboo flooring here at FloorsnFloors, including vertical carbonized bamboo floor, engineered bamboo floor, solid bamboo floor and more.

Please take a look through the Blowouts bamboo flooring we have on sale until you find something you like. Feel free to leave a review of your favorite Blowout bamboo floor.

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Blowouts Bamboo  Reviews

Click-Lock solid bamboo flooring


We offer the UNIQUE click-lock(glueless) solid bamboo flooring with CE and ISO14001 approved.


FREE SAMPLE will be sent on request.

Welcome to contact me at any time.

Lucius Cai by Lucius Cai posted on Friday, July 30, 2010

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