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Beautiful Bamboo Floors

Looking for a lovely Bamboo floor to put in your home? Or maybe office, corporate setting or other. This site has reviews of beautiful Bamboo flooring including Hawa Bamboo flooring, Springwood Bamboo flooring, Mannington Mills and much more. Leave a review of your favorite Bamboo floor or purchase a Bamboo floor on sale.

You can also leave a review of your favorite Bamboo floor on our forums. There we will be happy to answer any and all questions you may have. Bamboo floors are highly sought after in the flooring world. We carry many brands of Bamboo floors, like Prolex Bamboo flooring, Ming Dynasty Bamboo, Teragren Bamboo, and much more. You can leave a review of your favorite Bamboo floor or request a quote.

Discount Bamboo

Vertical Carbonized Bamboo Flooring
Vertical Carbonized Bamboo Flooring

Price : $67.63 USD
Solid 3' Planks by Premium Green Bamboo. I go over: ... [For More]

Vintage Cognac Floors Of Bamboo Flooring
Vintage Cognac Floors Of Bamboo Flooring

Price : $107.29 USD
Hand-scraped Vintage Collection by Premium Green Bamboo. I go over: ... [For More]

Natural Cork Bath & Shower Mat
Natural Cork Bath & Shower Mat

Price : $24 USD
The naturally antifungal Cork Bath Mat dries quickly because it ... [For More]

Natural Shaw Hardwood Bamboo Flooring
Natural Shaw Hardwood Bamboo Flooring

Price : $6.29 USD
Shaw Hardwood SW084-0V200 This unique bamboo flooring showcases the extraordinary ... [For More]

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Flooring Recent Product/Brand Reviews

12990. Yanchi Bamboo installation

Installation is ridiculously difficult. the bamboo is so very hard that many nails curl or bend going in, or the tongue chips when using the nailer. Many wasted pieces of flooring. Even the installer gave up after 2 days -said he was losing money doing the job. by Samantha posted on Sunday, April 24, 2011
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12959. Click-Lock solid bamboo flooring


We offer the UNIQUE click-lock(glueless) solid bamboo flooring with CE and ISO14001 approved.


FREE SAMPLE will be sent on request.

Welcome to contact me at any time.

Lucius Cai by Lucius Cai posted on Friday, July 30, 2010
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